General Questions

Ride Request Range?
Upon making a ride request, drivers within 5km radius are notified about your request and the nearest available driver accepts your request.
How many passengers per trip?
A maximum of 4 passengers are allowed per trip to ensure a healthier, safer and secured trip.
Do you accept card payments?
Yes! we do accept both cash, card and prepaid wallet funding, to ensure that you are never stranded or left out of payment options.
Do you do Deliveries?
As a result of the nature of some goods, we encourage our drivers to always lend a helping hand and we give them extra ratings when they do.

Driver Questions

Welfare Policy?
At WondaCab Services, we have our drivers welfare at high regard and we have made the best welfare system available to cater to your needs!
Is health insurance inclusive?
Yes! Our Insurance policy covers both your health and theft; as these we know, are the basic necessities to keep you on the road. We also make appeals for government policies in your favor!
Wallet and Payment System?
We have to our advantage a reliable wallet system that keeps you cashless transactions safe ans secured with a prompt payout payments when needed!

Business Questions

Remittance and earnings prospective?
We facilitate a reliable remittance procedure between partners and drivers and we also help drivers fulfill these pre-arranged targets so you can be rest assured!
Is inter-state partnership inclusive?
Unless pre-arranged, we advice drivers not to engage in such. It's helps keep track of security and safety.
Corporate Bookings and Sponsorship's?
We welcome both corporate bookings and sponsorship's with open hands, and we believe we can agree on that business package that best suits you!

Request Chat Support

If you have further questions, requests or need to speak with our officials, Kindly click the chat icon on the left flank of this page or click below to initiate Chat Support